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10th Nov 2020  |  Company News
Enigma Telematics Becomes Viasat Connect

We’ve rebranded. And we’re bigger, stronger and more versatile than ever before.

We are delighted to share that Enigma Telematics has officially rebranded to Viasat Connect, representing our close association with Viasat Group and the benefits this partnership offers for our clients and the future of our company.

Becoming part of Viasat Group

Since launching in 1992, our company has gone from strength-to-strength and has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Everything we do is to help businesses run at peak efficiency. From our initial focus on security and as a reseller of telematics products, we have expanded our expertise and technologies to deliver an all-encompassing range of solutions – so our clients can do just that. Evolution is in our DNA – and over the years we have helped reinvent and refine to enhance what we deliver for our clients.

Joining Viasat Group was a significant milestone in this process. Our company was acquired in 2014, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2017, introducing us to a world of innovation that aligned with our own commitment to deliver the most technically advanced solutions to our markets.

That is the essence of our rebrand to Viasat Connect – to formalise our involvement with this experienced, technology-driven group. Rather than have this sit in the background, we believe now is the time to make the incredible opportunities this association has provided us and our customers widely known.

Our new logo is a clear reflection of this. It aligns us with the other companies within the group, illustrating our shared focus on cooperation to enhance the solutions we can offer our respective clients.

Why “Connect”?

While fleet telematics remains a key aspect of our business, over time our solutions have transformed to offer so much more for our clients. We provide technology that connects– businesses to assets, businesses to workforces, people to people – and we sought to reflect this versatility through our new name.

The advantages of working together

Fundamentally, our rebrand puts into clear focus our collaboration with the other organisations within Viasat Group, something that has already been developing for the past several years.

Each subsidiary of the group has their unique expertise within the wider telematics industry. Belgium produces powerful workforce management solutions. Italy is strong in insurance technology. Spain has produced bespoke tracking devices for motorbikes.

Through our connection with these companies, we can present clients with a wider range of specialist solutions, all being constantly developed and refined, while we stay focused on enhancing our own expertise in fleet telematics. We have already begun the process of expanding our operational teams with experts in these technologies, ensuring that we deliver them with the same level of professionalism as our core products.

Working with Viasat Group has given us the buying and development power of a much larger organisation, without hurting our ability to tailor our software in response to the specific needs of our clients.

Our company’s success is built on our understanding that no two businesses’ circumstances are the same. That will not change as we continue to operate as Viasat Connect.

What will change?

For customers, we believe this rebrand brings a stronger proposition for their businesses. This change in identity marks the next step in our evolution and growth.

Our strength as a company has always been the people who work for us; our team’s passion for quality service and strategically-driven problem solving. These will continue to be at the heart of everything we do as Viasat Connect.

The level of service and solutions you’ve come to expect from us will remain as high as ever. In fact, they will only grow and become stronger over time as we introduce further software from our partners throughout Viasat Group and beyond, as well as increase our ability to support the B2C market as effectively as our B2B clients.

Similarly, Skyline will not change following our rebrand. Our feature-rich telematics platform will continue to provide the same level of unmatched data to our clients on their fleet’s performance.

Of course, we will swiftly communicate any changes you can expect as a result of the name change to each client individually, ensuring you understand what is happening and have plenty of time to make any adjustments required.

A new home online

The biggest changes you will see from our rebrand is in the look and feel of our company, particularly through our new website.

Our new website represents a “coming-of-age” for our brand as part of the wider Viasat Group. We have redesigned it to emphasise the knowledge, expertise and sophistication behind our software, something we felt was not as clearly represented on our previous site.

In addition, we have streamlined the presentation of our products and services, offering total clarity over how we help our clients transform their data into meaningful improvements.

What does the future hold for Viasat Connect?

We are extremely excited for the next phase of our company’s journey. Like many businesses, 2020 has been a year of consolidation for our company, strengthening our foundations to meet the challenges of the past several months.

Following this, we are in an excellent position for growth in 2021 and beyond. We have been communicating with our clients about all the new products in the pipeline, which will enable them to work more efficiently and cost-effectively in this unprecedented landscape.

With plenty of encouraging conversations being had with customers, partners and our friends across Viasat Group, our first year as Viasat Connect is one packed with potential, and we are looking forward to this next chapter in our story.

Do you have any thoughts or questions regarding our rebrand, or would you like to learn more about our growing range of software and services? Get in touch today and speak to our experts.