Case Studies

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet & Plant
tracking solutions
for Watertight
Management Ltd


Watertight had experienced several tracking solutions with limited success. They were looking for a solution that met their requirements that other suppliers could not accommodate; a supplier that had a flexible working approach. The agreed approach was to trial the solution after previous supplier failings.


A multi-faceted approach looking at Trailers, Vehicles and Plant Equipment. Each had certain bespoke requirements to be met. During the trial period, the client fed back several areas for change or improvement – each change request was discussed with the client and implemented.

It was also identified during the trial period that the client had adapted their own internal processes to accommodate the previous supplier’s systems and reporting, and had increased internal resources accordingly. By identifying this we are working with the client to ensure the system is working for them – they are getting data by exception in the format required and do not have to go sourcing data themselves.


Initially starting with the fleet vehicles, then installing the trailers followed by the plant equipment, ensuring each solution is working as required. The data is being returned in the reports or alerts as requested. Having information that can be acted upon is crucial for this fast-moving client.

Training was also given on the system to the client’s internal resources – understanding what the data was being used for and following the process through with the client for each solution was critical to give the right level of information to allow the client to act accordingly.


After the successful trial period, the decision was made in 2020 to move the entire tracking solutions for Trailers, Fleet Vehicles and Plant Equipment to Viasat Connect. The client liked our approach and the flexible solution that met and exceeded requirements.

The client believes they may be able to scale back internal resources once fully operational with the system.