Vehicle Security Software

The holistic approach to protecting your fleet

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)

Vehicle security and after-theft recovery is in our DNA.

Our comprehensive systems use the latest technology to enhance the tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. All products are covertly fitted by highly-experienced installers providing ongoing support, safeguarding your fleet by improving the speed and success of vehicle theft recovery.


Your first line of defence against theft, vandalism or misuse.

Our Skyline immobiliser range – available as either a rugged keypad, a remote-control PIN or a robust iButton – are perfectly suited to asset theft prevention across your fleet, and specialised to protect your valuable plant and agricultural equipment, even in the most demanding settings.


React quickly to tampering or theft attempts with immediate, configurable alerts sent via SMS and email, as well as additional on-screen alarms and capacity to alert multiple users at once.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Delivering 24/7 tracking of your vehicles and assets, our SOC service is contracted to a compliant, highly-experienced monitoring station, ensuring your at-risk assets are always watched over.

Covert & Rapid Deployment

Ideal for short-term equipment or to further protect your most vulnerable assets, our vehicle security system’s rapid-deployment product provides 12+ months’ support, a range of tamper/movement alerts and outstanding service in covert locations.

If any plant is shown moving outside a particular geographical zone that we have created, or if we have any other alarm activation, we can quickly scrutinise the information and deal accordingly.

HSS / J Devine

Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility over your vehicles in action with our up-to-date monitoring and management solutions.

Driver Management

Direct your drivers’ behaviours with state-of- the-art software, helping your team improve performance, stay safe, and minimise costs.

Fuel Management

Optimise fuel usage throughout your fleet, cutting costs, increasing efficiencies and taking care of your carbon footprint.

Asset Management

Delivering the comprehensive, precise data you need to proficiently manage and protect your remote assets.