Skyline Fleet Asset Management Software

Information empowering the way you manage remote assets


Avoid ‘death by data’ and transform information into action with Skyline.

Our fleet asset management software tracks, collects and presents data in a simple to understand, graphic-based dashboard, ensuring asset information can be easily digested by your team.

OEM Integrations

Our experienced engineering team works closely with OEMs to integrate effective telematics software into their assets, or install this during production.

This ensures assets are immediately ready for use with support from the OEM, delivering greater efficiency and complete peace of mind.

SOC / Alerting

Unattended assets in isolated locations are especially vulnerable to all forms of risk, from fuel shortages and shutdowns to tampering and theft.

Skyline’s remote asset management systems allow a range of alerts to be sent to an internal or external 24/7 operations room, empowering them with the information they need to take decisive action.

Traffic Lights

Gather comprehensive data on your temporary traffic signals, ensuring they remain online and any outages are quickly responded to, causing minimal disruption to traffic.


Our fleet asset management systems offer a range of solutions for complete control of your generators, from sophisticated after-theft recovery to remote shutdown through control panel integration.

Welfare Units

Our bespoke asset management software keeps your welfare units in clear view, tracking their telemetry so you know when to service systems and refuel on-board power units.

Aerial Access

Untrained Aerial Access operators present real risks to themselves and those around them. Skyline ensures machines are locked-down until an approved operator presents the right credentials, and delivers a detailed audit trail to back up your system.


Our fleet asset management system is fully integrated with the market-leading supplier of gritting equipment, giving you accurate data of all activity routes.


Ensure trailers are precisely serviced to their agreed programme with our dedicated tracking system, providing complete data on their location and distance covered even when trailers are disconnected from your trucks.

The system has provided value, cost savings and efficiency to both AWS and importantly our customers. Being able to see data and understand the actions required are key and the Skyline platform allows us to do that in real-time.


Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility over your vehicles in action with our up-to-date monitoring and management solutions.

Driver Management

Direct your drivers’ behaviours with state-of- the-art software, helping your team improve performance, stay safe, and minimise costs.

Fuel Management

Optimise fuel usage throughout your fleet, cutting costs, increasing efficiencies and taking care of your carbon footprint.

Vehicle Security

With vehicle security and after-theft recovery in our DNA, our solutions deliver holistic protection across your range of vehicles.