Driver Management Software

Direct drivers to deliver greater fleet performance

Driver Behaviour

Working to reduce management intervention.

Skyline’s in-built performance feedback empowers your team to track and improve their driving in real-time. Our driver management tools deliver daily emails to your staff so they can see how they’re doing and make effective changes.


Cameras provide valuable context to GPS data to assist with incident management.

Our driver management systems ensure this crucial information is put to instant, effective use, with photos taken during any impact or panic alert and available for remote download in a matter of seconds.

Insurance / Accident Management

The data supplied by our driver risk management solutions support accurate FNOL reporting, crash detection and driver behaviour reporting, with over 600,000 of these devices installed by Viasat Group to help inform clients in the insurance and accident management industries.

Reports by Exception

Our driver management software deals with the vast amount of data generated by your fleet every day, automatically generating reports and alerts based on user-defined events, delivered via email or, for alerts, by SMS.


Our driver ID solutions employ up-to-date RFID technology, ensuring all data collected is unique, accurate and secure for our clients.

Privacy Button

The privacy button on our driver management software helps you separate business and private use of your vehicles for BIK purposes, as well as suppress all location data related to private use.


When fleet drivers are at risk due to their vehicle, age, or by carrying high-value goods, our software’s SOS button lets them quickly alert your team of threats, so assistance can arrive as soon as possible.

Lone Worker

Skyline’s driver management services allow your team to announce when they are engaging in lone worker activity, ensuring their status is monitored, unusual activity is followed-up on and their wellbeing is cared for throughout.

We receive our reports on a scheduled basis and can login to the KPI dashboard to get a live summary of the fleet activity.


Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility over your vehicles in action with our up-to-date monitoring and management solutions.

Fuel Management

Optimise fuel usage throughout your fleet, cutting costs, increasing efficiencies and taking care of your carbon footprint.

Vehicle Security

With vehicle security and after-theft recovery in our DNA, our solutions deliver holistic protection across your range of vehicles.

Asset Management

Delivering the comprehensive, precise data you need to proficiently manage and protect your remote assets.