Fuel Management Software

Optimise your fuel use, maximise your cost savings


By utilising the CAN bus systems available within your fleet, our fuel management software delivers deeper, accurate data on how your vehicles use fuel.

Monitor fuel levels, flow and more both for individual journeys and across a vehicle’s lifetime. Gain total understanding of your fleet’s fuel consumption to inform your decision-making and improve efficiency moving forward.


Our car and LCV fuel management system interfaces with the On Board Diagnostic port (OBDII) to collect CAN data found on a majority of vehicles under 15 years of age.

This information allows you to track how fuel is used on these vehicles over their distance covered, so you can spot and respond to any inefficiencies that are costing your fleet.

FORS Reporting

Skyline provides reporting modules fully compliant with FORS regulations, helping you achieve accreditation by demonstrating the effectiveness of your fuel management.

Fuel Card APIs

Incorporate data from your fuel card suppliers into our fuel management software, enabling you to cross-reference between vehicle location and fuel use to better control both. Comparisons can also be made between your fuel card and CAN bus consumption figures.


Skyline integrates with DeepSea generator control panels, allowing you to accurately and remotely manage their usage to a highly granular level.

Fuel Probes

Where CAN bus or OBDII data is unavailable, our state-of-the-art fuel probes offer exceptional accuracy, monitoring fuel use and delivering data to help you address any anomalies.

With the CAN bus data we have at our fingertips, we see that we can continue to reduce our CO2 output and fuel bill.

A-Plant / Sunbelt

Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility over your vehicles in action with our up-to-date monitoring and management solutions.

Driver Management

Direct your drivers’ behaviours with state-of- the-art software, helping your team improve performance, stay safe, and minimise costs.

Vehicle Security

With vehicle security and after-theft recovery in our DNA, our solutions deliver holistic protection across your range of vehicles.

Asset Management

Delivering the comprehensive, precise data you need to proficiently manage and protect your remote assets.