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Supplying telematics solutions on a global scale


Viasat Connect (formerly Enigma Telematics) joined the Viasat Group in 2014, before becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2017.

Driven by a desire to enhance our capacity to deliver the technically advanced solutions demanded by our markets, Viasat Group has been an outstanding partner, providing the resources we need to remain at the cutting-edge of the telematics industry in the UK, Africa and the Middle East.

A Global Offering

Viasat Group’s worldwide reach extends from our headquarters in Italy across 10 European markets, and through partnerships in a further 14 markets across Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. This scale and the resources available allow Viasat to meet the unique demands of each market and stay ahead of the product development curve.


Helping insurance companies worldwide assess risk and optimise their processes, resulting in reduced costs, more accurate accident reporting and stronger customer relationships.

IOT Solution

Designing and manufacturing innovative IoT solutions around connectivity and information exchange, enhancing how businesses link, extract and manage their data.

Smart Connect

A platform of services to manage businesses efficiently and effectively, aimed at minimising costs, improving performances and delivering greater security for vehicles and the people in them.


Providing a comprehensive fleet management platform, fully integrated with CAN bus and tachograph to produce meaningful data for our Skyline solutions.

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