Viasat Group Undergoes Rebranding After its Acquisition by Targa Telematics

Targa Telematics – one of the leading global players in the field of IoT and the development of digital solutions and platforms for connected mobility – has presented the rebranding of its subsidiary Viasat Group, after having finalized the acquisition in May 2023.
The objective of rethinking the logo and updating the coordinated image – which shall align with those of Targa Telematics, while maintaining a stylistic link with the past – is to make all stakeholders and customers perceive the strong synergy created by the acquisition and the simultaneous evolution of Viasat Group within its new dimension, confirming its leadership position at European level in the smart mobility market.
“We have decided, in this context, to maintain the main aspects of recognizability of the Viasat Group brand, in order to leverage its well-established recognition in the reference markets in which the company has been operating for many years”, said Elena Bellini, Head of Marketing in Targa Telematics and Viasat Group. “The new logo is more contemporary and is designed within a common vision with Targa Telematics for sustainable and lasting growth”.
The acquisition has created one of the leading players in the telematics sector at European level, distinguished by a strong presence in eight key European countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, as well as a company in Chile.